The 10 Cheapest Countries To Visit In 2021


Traveling on a budget isn’t difficult if you’re able to look at a range of options and take advantage of a good deal when you come across one. Without breaking the bank in 2021, you can immerse yourself in new cultures, relax on exotic beaches, and taste the world’s finest culinary delicacies. This list should help you if you’re not sure where to begin.

So, without further ado, let’s get started. If you’re planning a trip in 2021, here are some budget-friendly options to consider.

10. Mexico

Airfares to Mexico are expected to remain low through 2021, and given the strength of the US dollar against the peso, there has never been a better time to visit the country.
Beach destinations such as Cancun and Cozumel are always safe bets but don’t forget Mexico City. Travelers can easily find hotels for less than $100 per night, and gourmet restaurants such as Pujol and Zanaya make Mexico City a must-see for foodies. While you’re here, pay a visit to Museo Soumaya, a private museum with a large collection of Auguste Rodin and Salvador Dali’s works.

9. Vietnam

Vietnam is a tried-and-true choice for budget-conscious travelers, as we’ve written about it in previous posts.
Travelers can find a variety of hotel rooms for under $50 in Ho Chi Minh City, and if they stick to local restaurants, they can comfortably keep their food budget under $10 per day.

8. Estonia

Although the Baltic countries are usually inexpensive, Estonia is always on our list of places to visit on a budget. That’s partially due to the fact that tourists aren’t aware of it yet — Estonia welcomed around 2.14 million international visitors in 2018, a slight improvement over the previous year.

This also means you won’t have to deal with crowds and won’t have to spend too much money on food or lodging. Most major American airports offer flights to Tallinn, the country’s capital, for under $800, and hotels start at about $40 per night (less if you’re willing to book a private room in a hostel).

7. Armenia

This former Soviet republic is considered one of the most affordable European destinations.
Following widespread demonstrations in 2018, former President Serzh Sargsyan resigned peacefully, and the Armenian government is currently undergoing positive political transition. Aside from the Nagorno-Karabakh region on the country’s eastern frontier, Armenia is a safe place to visit, and its major cities are wonderful cultural destinations.

6. Ukraine

You should stay away from Eastern Ukraine, where Russian-backed separatists are still fighting the Ukrainian government.
Coastal cities such as Odessa and Lviv are perfectly safe travel destinations; we find flights to Odessa for less than $600, and accommodation in the city costs about $30 per night and up.

5. Argentina

Although a number of South American countries deserve to be included on this list, Argentina is our top choice.
Travelers will sample world-class plate in cities like Mendoza at restaurants like Azafran, which we profiled in another article on the region. Bring plenty of paper money, as currency rates fluctuate often, making electronic payments inconvenient.

4. Romania

Visiting Romania, according to many travelers, is like going back in time.
To some extent, this is true; the Transylvanian countryside is dotted with pre-Industrial settlements, and medieval architecture can be found in nearly every major city. If that appeals to you, there’s more good news: the rates are still retro. Summer flights to Romania are easily found for under $700, and most cities have rooms for less than $70 per night.

3. Cuba

Despite what you might have read, American tourists are still permitted to visit Cuba.
While obtaining a travel visa is slightly more difficult than it was in 2018, the US government recognizes 11 approved categories of travel, and committed explorers can still make it to Havana.

2. Bulgaria

Bulgaria, a former Soviet satellite state, has seen significant growth in its tourism industry in recent years. In 2017, nearly nine million foreign tourists visited the Balkans, so if you’ve always wanted to go, book your trip now before the number increases.

The Church of Saint George Rotunda, founded by the Romans in the fourth century, can be seen in Sofia, the capital city. Numerous art galleries, busy antique markets, and ancient Roman ruins can all be found in the district. Our Sofia travel guide will assist you in planning your visit to this often-overlooked capital.

1. Italy

We were surprised to see Italy on this list as well — the country attracts record numbers of visitors year after year, but it remains a budget-friendly destination for American travelers if they plan ahead. Consider flying between October and June to escape the crowds and keep your costs down.


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