How much water to drink to lose weight ?


Many people strive to reach an ideal body shape and lose excess weight by following different diets and exercising.

Therapeutic nutrition experts say that drinking adequate amounts of water contributes to the elimination of excess weight and improves human health in general.

In the following report, the amount of water that the body needs to lose weight, according to the website “Eat this not that.” How does water help in losing weight? Health experts say that drinking water contributes to weight loss because it works to:

– Suppressing the appetite, reducing the feeling of hunger.
– Improving metabolism.
– Contributes to reducing the amount of food that a person eats if he drinks it before eating.
– Helps the liver to perform its functions, including eliminating fats from the body.
– It works to regulate the movement of the digestive system. And the process of digestion, and avoiding some health problems that may accompany the diet.

What is the amount of water needed to drink to help lose weight? The appropriate amount to drink varies from person to person according to the needs of each body, the nature of his weight and the exercises he does, as well as the nature of burning fat And health experts say that people can be divided into 3 categories: The average person Experts say that 8 cups of water is the appropriate amount that the body needs in a normal situation when it does not have a desire to lose weight, but those cups should increase when He wants to lose weight up to ten over the course of a day in the event that he is of a proportional weight and is not obese, and he wants to lose only a few kilograms.

Professors at the American College of Sports Medicine have determined the number of cups needed for athletes to be about 16 cups before and after exercise, while during exercise the average is 4 cups and sometimes more depending on the type of sport and the effort exerted during exercise. If a person weighs more than 100 kilograms, the amount of water needed to help him lose weight is about two and a half litres, equivalent to about ten cups or a little more distributed throughout the day.

A study published in the Annals of Family Medicine said that people with high BMI are the lowest in terms of body moisture The study indicated that water is an essential nutrient and may play a major role in weight loss such as food and exercise, while another study found that overweight adults who drank about 3 cups of water Half an hour before their meals, they lost 4 kg more than those who did not drink water.


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