10 World’s rarest dog breeds


The American Kennel Club (AKC) lists the 10 rarest dog breeds. Each breed has its own strengths and weaknesses, characteristics, and the potential it possesses. In addition to these, the AKC has other important considerations. Breed clubs and organizations help preserve the breeds that have become extinct through human intervention or natural causes. They also assist prospective breeders who are interested in becoming stock dogs for future breeding.

The term “rare dog breeds” actually encompasses several different breeds. A common breed is usually a specific genetic strain or dog kind that has been purposefully breeding by human beings to do specific jobs, like herding, tracking, and defense. When identifying breed from breed, the general rule of thumb is “a breed is always ‘purebred’ if it contains traits that were passed on only by the generation that breeding the breed.” So, if you find a Collie, a Dachshund, a Poodle, or a Dalmatian listed as a rare breed, you can probably rest assured that they were not mixed-breed and they are therefore purebred.

Here are the top 10 world’s rarest dog breeds :

1. Bichon Frise

Let’s start with the Bichon Frise. Although not the rarest dog breed, this is still on the list. These dogs have a sturdiness common in breeds such as Huskies and Dobermans. Because of this, Bichon Frise owners should not get their dogs from pet stores. Pet stores often sell Bichon puppies that have been bred for many years with little regard for breeding quality.

2. Bulldogs

Bulldogs are another one of the ten rarest dog breeds. This can be attributed to the fact that Bulldogs are very dominant. They are also susceptible to several health conditions and have low percentages of producing good dogs. Bulldogs are the most popularly sold toy breed.

3. Portuguese water dogs

Portuguese Water Dogs is another group of dogs considered as rare. They have medium-length coats and are known for their intelligence, obedience, and ability to work with a team. However, they have a short muzzle that makes them an especially poor candidate if you want a guard dog.

4. Japanese Kitsch

Another breed that is considered the rarest dog is the Japanese Kitsch. Unlike most other dogs, these dogs are not well-balanced, have large feet, and lack the proper head size needed for brain development. These dogs require an unusual amount of physical activity and regular socialization. They have high levels of energy and are prone to several health problems. This breed is also prone to several allergies and may develop skin infections at an early age.

5. Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is another dog that is considered to be one of the most common dog breeds. These dogs were originally bred in Alaska where they are warm-blooded. They have medium-length coats that must be regularly groomed, and they tend to have a sweet temperament.

6. The Afghan Hound

Another common breed is the Afghan Hound. This breed is also considered to be a rare breed, but it does make up for its somewhat average popularity by being extremely friendly and loyal. They are very loyal and can be known to be house pets or companions.

7. Chihuahua

One of the most common domestic dogs, the Chihuahua is considered to be a breed of dog that has developed characteristics common to its offspring. However, it is very important to note that despite their minuteness, these dogs are very playful and affectionate. Many Chihuahuas are prone to disliking small children and will become protective when guarding against strangers. While Chihuahuas are quite easy to train, they do not do well with harsh training methods. Therefore, it is best to avoid training techniques that will cause undue stress on the Chihuahua.

8. The Collie

The Collie is another breed that can be considered a rare breed, but this is simply because the Collie was imported into England some time back. It is the smallest breed in the world and is also one of the most popular. The Collie is very friendly and trusting and is known to do very well with children. They also love attention and will become an integral part of the family.

9. The Fox Terrier

The Fox Terrier is another dog breed that tends to be on the rather short list of common dogs. The Fox Terrier has a long coat that is waterproof, which makes it ideal for city life. However, it does make for an excellent family pet as well. The Fox Terrier is extremely friendly and outgoing, and can often be seen as happy and lively. They have a very keen sense of smell and are also fairly adept at catching mice.

10. Tibetan Mastiff

One of the rarest breeds is the Tibetan Mastiff. The Tibetan Mastiff is only found in China, Mongolia, and Tibet. This small, powerful breed is very protective of its owner. If you ever wish to own a Tibetan Mastiff, you will need to obtain a permit from the Chinese government. Otherwise, this breed is severely endangered.

Where to find these rare dog breeds?

If you would like to own one of these wonderful and rare dog breeds but do not know where to start to look for them, you may want to visit your local kennel club. You may even want to look online to see if you can find information about any reputable breeders in your area that will sell you one of these miniature or toy dogs. Some kennel clubs will even help match you with a breeder that can help you purchase one of these unique animals. So start looking, you may be surprised at what you will find!

To conclude :

All these breeds have their own traits that make them stand out among the others. Each of these has different colored coats but they all look alike. They also all have the sweetest personalities and they are easy to train. Since they have some of the same characteristics, their breeding can be more successful as well.


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