10 strange things about animals you’ve probably never heard before


1. Strange blood for insects

In fact, it is not blood in the sense that we know it, it depends on its composition on copper instead of iron in our blood, so we find that its colour is either green or blue

It is also not used to carry oxygen because she breathes through her skin, which gives her the oxygen necessary for her to live, and her heart does not beat at the same rate as our hearts as humans, but at a lower rate.
Insect blood contains proteins that prevent blood from freezing, but this property is not a common factor among all insects known to us, but it is present in flies and bees, for example.

2. The mole has soft fur

One of the simplest ways to make you annoy the cat is to pet it the wrong way, but the opposite with the mole, since if you try to disturb it in any normal way from its tail to its head, it will not give you a mind as its fur is unusually soft so that it moves in any direction in a manner that does not cause any inconvenience to the mole

This characteristic gives him the ability to adapt, as he lives most of his life in tunnels and often it is not bigger than his body, so most of the time his fur rubs against what is around him, so God created him with his characteristic so as not to bother him what could come into contact with any channel he crosses

3. Birds die in space

There were many theories that expect birds to survive well in a zero-gravity environment, but in all of these research, a factor that we did not anticipate was neglected, which is the way birds eat, which made these theories far from the truth.

She is unable to swallow her food in a zero-gravity environment, as she relies on gravity to swallow food and drink, which is why you see her raising her head when she eats or drinks

4. Butterflies have ways to avoid bats

Everyone agrees that the bat is a hunter more than skilled in the animal kingdom, as it depends on the echo of ultrasound waves that it sends in many directions to find its way in the darkness and to know its hunting as well, so it is evident from this method that if there is something that can feel these waves it can escape from them or mislead The bat for its prey.

This is what butterflies exploit, as they can sense their attackers from afar and develop a plan to deal with it
Like tiger butterflies, which initially take a defensive position, which is camouflaging and hiding in the surrounding environment, but if this step does not work, it broadcasts some sound clicks that distort the ultrasound waves sent by the bat, making it miss the target.

5. Axolotl does not grow up

The Axolotl, like any other marine animal, must grow up and reach a certain length, as it is a marine organism in the sense that it cannot live outside water and is vegetarian and lives from 10 to 15 years

But the really strange thing is that it does not grow old to reach puberty, but uses the iodine dye to stimulate the thyroid gland, which gives it the required transformation without getting old and unfortunately, this quality is on the decline due to pollution and a lot of hunting

6. Owl is not wise at all

There are many people who look at the face of an owl and think that it knows something that he does not know. In fact, it already knows, but it knows how to eat, drink and catch its prey very efficiently and this is what its big eyes suggest.

But her mind is not as large as her eyes in terms of wisdom and thinking, her mind does not understand more than being an object that must hunt, eat and drink only and manage the operations that she needs to survive, this is the opposite of what happened in the Harry Potter movie when he asked the wise owl

7. Sea stars grow rapidly

Sea stars live in saltwater and they can defend themselves by producing a toxic substance as many marine animals do, but what would happen to the ecosystem if there was a rapid growth of such toxic organisms?

According to the latest statistics from the IUCN, these organisms have become reproducing at a rate of 90 individuals every 30 kilometres in the Mediterranean every 10 years, but the problem is that there are other types of them that reproduce significantly and we do not know any information about them, and the biggest problem is that we cannot do anything about this situation other than Wait and watch

8. Hoatzin chicks have hands

Hoatzin is a bird-like animal but has a frightening shape and emits an unpleasant odour, which makes it far from humans.

There are some birds that have claws at the end of their wings, but we do not know them for any benefit yet. As for the hoatzin, he uses them to climb on trees, and even if he falls off the trees, he can move his wings so that he safely descends on the ground, but he does not fly well.

9. The jumping spider has the power of observation

When a spider has eight eyes, it is not necessary for him to be keen on sight and observation, as most spiders have eight eyes that are not as accurate as a jumping spider, as they set traps and wait, and on the contrary, the jumping spider is a hunter who loves to travel.

The spider’s pair of front eyes are amazingly complex, so even if these eyes are not moving, they can activate their microscopic vision by controlling the retina since its retina is made up of several layers of light-sensitive material, and the jumping spider’s eyes have been the inspiration for triple applications. Dimensions

10. Siphonophores

Siphonophores are raising many questions about scientists, especially about their way of life, such as the (Portuguese man O’war), which was initially classified as a jellyfish.

It is surprising that most of the creatures of this family consist of single-celled animals that perform a specific task. They are able to perform the daily tasks required of them as a cell that maintains its existence and the existence of the organism that carries it, but it needs all other cells to perform the same tasks to the fullest, despite the fact that Each cell functions separately, but an organism of this type continues to grow and ovulate normally
The problem is that there are many difficulties in classifying creatures of this family, as they are very complex and have many animal behaviours, but what is not in dispute about them is that they are significantly distinguished from all the creatures that we have known.


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