Covid-19 has changed the world we live in every way possible. Schools have shut down, offices went out of work, businesses ceased activity, and the world has stopped moving. Amid the pandemic, travelling has witnessed some dramatic changes. The virus has changed the way we used to travel, the procedures, and forced some destinations to close their borders and stop allowing tourists in.

However, although many countries have completely closed their borders, others have not, and they are still allowing tourists into their territory. Perhaps you may want to try one of these destinations to compensate for the other choices that may not be available, not even anytime sooner.

In this review, we shall look at the top 10 travel destinations during COVID-19. However, you should bear in mind that just because these countries have allowed tourists from all over the world to reach their territory, that does not necessarily indicate that these countries are covid-free or have lower risks and infection rates.

Before deciding to pick a country from our list and head there, you should note that you are making this move at your own risk and responsibility. These countries were mainly picked based on specific characteristics such as that these countries implement wearing masks and social distancing in public places, do not ask tourists to quarantine themselves for two weeks, requiring tourists to provide proof of a COVID-19 test, and most importantly that these countries have received a safety stamp by World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

1. Tanzania

Located in East Africa, Tanzania is mainly appreciated by the community of Safari lovers and adventurous tourists. Tanzania is also best known for its jungle and wildlife since a third of Tanzania’s map is covered by forests, including coastal zones and its land’s wilderness.

If you want to pick up Tanzania as your next destination, you should note that this country does not require a COVID-19 test or a full two-week quarantine. However, you will be required to wear a mask and maintain social distancing in public spheres.

2. Maldives

The stunning islands of the Maldives have begun to allow tourists in since last June. The Maldives is best known for its pure beach water, breathtaking view at the sunset and sunrise time, and it is also celebrated as being a paradise on earth.

In large, the Maldives’s economy is entirely reliant on tourists, which is probably why they have allowed tourists into their territory. If you feel like that the Maldives should be your next destination, you should know that this country will ask you for a negative COVID-19 test no longer than four days, and you will also have to wear a mask and maintain social distancing in public places. However, upon arrival, you are free to wander, and you won’t have to be quarantined.

3. Turkey

With three coastal sides, stunning beaches, and pretty traditional villages, Turkey is rated as one of the world’s prettiest countries, and truth be told, Turkey is a tourist destination whether it was summer or winter season.

Upon arrival, you will have to take a simple temperature test as this country will not require you with negative test results, nor will it ask you to quarantine yourself for two weeks. You will be able to wander in the entire country with no limitations. Yet, similar to all other countries, you will be asked to maintain a social distance between you and other people when you are in a public place and wear your protective mask as well.

4. Colombia

Once known for crime, drugs, and smuggling, the Latino country is now one of the safest travel destinations after it has started to receive booming numbers of tourists coming in each year. One cannot skip the pretty beaches of this country, the beauty of its nature, and the unforgettable summer vibes that are unique to this country.

Upon arrival, you will not be asked to quarantine nor to provide a COVID-19 test. All you have to do is to wear your mask, apply social distancing and enjoy your stay!

5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is best known for its biodiversity, wild nature, pure beaches, and its natural Caribbean vibe and spectacular beauty. The country has always been known for being a place for adventurous tourists and coastal life lovers.

During this time of the year, you won’t have to provide a negative test result upon arrival since it was removed in October. That being said, you will also be free to wander once you get there with no quarantine rules. Alike all countries, Costa Rican regulations will have to be implemented to wear a mask and apply social distancing in public spheres.

6. Jamaica

With at least 50 beaches on its land, Jamaica is undoubtedly a direct destination for tropical life lovers. The country is also appreciated for being a heaven on earth due to its breathtaking nature, mountains, beaches, and wildlife.

If you decide to travel to Jamaica, there some special rules you should put in your mind. First, if you are staying in the hotel’s tourism corridor and not getting in the same halls as local Jamaicans, if yes, you will have to quarantine for two weeks then.

Also, suppose you have arrived in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, or Dominican Republic. In that case, you will have then to provide authorities with a negative COVID-19 test that is not older than ten days. Upon arrival, and if you fit these conditions, you will be free to wander in the country yet with a mask whenever you are in public spaces and don’t forget to apply social distancing.

7. Bahamas

The Bahamas is an earthly haven with blue sand beaches, crystal clear blue water beaches, and a stunning summer destination. The country has no quarantine policy for tourists, and you will have to provide airport authorities with a negative COVID-19 test no older than seven days. After that, you can travel within the entire country as you will have to keep a distance in public spaces and wear a mask.

8. Dominican Republic

If you are a summer lover, the Dominican Republic should be on your bucket list. Being a calm, clean, pure tropical environment, the country is a breathtaking location with its Caribbean vibes and white sand beaches.

In the main, the Dominican Republic could be the easiest when talking about COVID-19 restrictions. You won’t have to provide a negative COVID-19 test nor quarantine yourself upon arrival. However, you may be selected randomly at the airport to go under a COVID-19 breath test anyway. If not, you are all cases welcome to wander in this paradise country.

9. Croatia

Croatia is home to traditional music, folklore, festivals, and fantastic culture. The country has witnessed a boom in tourist numbers who wanted to discover its nature and culture’s hidden beauty.

If you want Croatia your next destination, you will have to bear in mind that there are different rules, those applied to EU countries and those devoted to countries outside the EU. If you are not an EU resident, you will have to present a negative PCR COVID-19 test no older than two days, and if you did not, you would then be obliged to quarantine yourself for 14 days.

Like all the countries belonging to the EU, you will have to maintain a social distance when you are in public places and transport, and you will have to wear a mask.

NOTE: some EU countries have recently made it mandatory to wear an FFP2 mask in public while others are putting a curfew into effect, so make sure to check before you travel to any EU country.

10. Mexico

Last but not least, we mention Mexico. Being the first tourist destination globally and Cancun, a Mexican city, was the first to receive the WTTC Safe Travel Stamp. If you plan to visit Mexico, you will not have to quarantine yourself or present any negative test whatsoever.

However, it would help if you considered that only some states had received the health stamp, such as Baja California, Tabasco, Oaxaca, Jalisco, Quintana Roo; meanwhile, some countries have not yet.
Once in Mexico, wear your mask, apply social distancing and enjoy your stay!


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