The Hardest Languages In The World To Learn

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Suppose you are interested in learning a second language but do not have time to attend traditional classes. In that case, there are also available options that allow you to use multimedia products in your studies. These include movies, mp3s, books, and news stories, among others. While these methods do require a considerable amount of dedication on your part, they are often much more effective. Learning a second language is something that can open up many rewarding career opportunities as well as give you a sense of accomplishment. The following are the ten hardest languages to learn:

1. Mandarin

The most challenging languages to master tend to be in Asia, such as those found in China, India, and Indonesia. Mastering Mandarin, the foreign language of China, can be downright tricky even for native English-speakers. The sheer number of Chinese characters makes it practically impossible to memorize. You may get around to learning it if you have enough motivation and determination, but it’s a daunting task for most people.

2. French

This is primarily because there are so many regional accents in the French language. If you want to have a conversation with French speakers, you must learn how to speak their dialect. Also, many slang terms are unique to the French culture and way of life.
While there are many similarities between French and English, there are also many differences that make each language uniquely different. Thus, most students find that it is necessary to seek out more than one method of instruction if they wish to become fluent in French.

3. Arabic

This is a language that is spoken in the Middle East. Learning Arabic is beneficial in more than one way because if you ever travel to the Middle East, it will significantly help you with your education. First, it is a great skill to have if you want to work in the banking sector (many people learn it from Arab language courses). Second, it is also beneficial because much of the music created in the Arab World is sung in Arabic. Finally, it is now widely spoken throughout the World, which will allow you to travel cheaply.
The Arab language spans across generations and countries, which means you’ll have to be conversational not only in your native tongue but also in several other languages as well. Like Chinese, it’s not too difficult to learn, but some people find it a little challenging, like French.

4. Spanish

This is also one of the hardest languages to learn. However, it is very similar to Arabic in that it is written in a very formal script. However, unlike Arabic, there is also a great deal of slang unique to the Spanish culture. Like in English, certain words are used in different contexts that aren’t found in other languages. Many Spanish phrases are commonly used in English, but never in Spanish.

5. Chinese

Chinese is yet another language that is very hard to learn. The majority of people that want to study Chinese have little or no experience speaking the language. There is also a lot of unfamiliar vocabulary. For this reason, Chinese learners often feel overwhelmed with the learning curve. One of the best ways to overcome this feeling of overwhelm is to practice frequently. This can not only help you learn new words, but it can also help you master common sayings, which are essential for conversational purposes.

6. Russian

Russian is the sixth hardest language in the World to learn. It’s not only tough to understand but also requires a great deal of traveling. It’s usually best to stick to Eastern European countries, at least initially. After enough time has passed, you’ll be able to travel to Russia and begin to learn Russian. If you want to become fluent in Russian, you should visit Russia.

7. Japanese

Around 20 million people speak this language. One of the reasons that it’s so hard to learn is that it has several different dialects. Each dialect represents another way of speaking. Also, there are lots of words. Learning Japanese is something like trying to navigate your way through an ocean of words.
It’s not only the language itself, which makes it so challenging to learn. There are also lots of new words, which are continually being added to the language. You have to keep up with the changes and understand both the good and bad things about each word.

8. Finnish

Finland is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the World. If you want to travel there, take a trip to Helsinki and Marfi, two of the best places to see the country. But if you don’t, there are plenty of exciting things to see in Finland. And learning Finnish isn’t hard at all. It’s entirely possible.

9. Hungarian

This is a language that is spoken by around seven million people. Hungarian is one of the most old-fashioned languages in the World. And as a result, it can be tough to learn.

10. Navajo

Navajo comes from North America and is a verb-centric language. This means that descriptions are given through verbs. Also, most English adjectives cannot translate into Navajo directly. Its voice is also very different. The representatives of many languages ​​do not appear in English at all… which makes pronunciation particularly difficult.

Why is it hard to learn a new language?
It’s so challenging to learn a new language because most people don’t take the time to understand how the language works. They tend to learn vocabulary and grammar rules one at a time, which usually works well for students who have already learned a second language. However, language learning can be made much easier if you start with one language and work your way up to the others. When you start with one language, you can go on to the next quickly because you understand the rules and language structure better.

Learning a second language is also a great idea if you want to travel to a country where that language is spoken fluently. You can look for language learning programs that will teach you both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. While there isn’t a massive difference between the two languages, they are slightly different. One of the hardest languages in the World is Mandarin Chinese. When you find a language learning program that teaches it, you can combine it with Spanish to make learning easy. Whether you want to go to Asia or visit, knowing a new language will make the trip more enjoyable.



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