Most 10 fattest wild animals in the world


The collective of animals flaunts wild variety in size, shape, and features of animals; however, some is characterized by their weight. Fat is not really an awful thing with regards to these monstrous creatures. Fat is a necessity of life, and in a portion of these cases, it’s valuable for endurance and survival. In this article, we will list the most 10 fattest animals in the world.

10 Rhinoceros


White rhinoceros are regularly just less than 6 feet tall, yet they can weigh thousands of pounds. Commonly weighing somewhere in the range of 1.6 and 4 tons, the white rhino has been grouped by some as the largest land mammal after the elephant. According to National Geographic, similarly, as with numerous large animals, this species has no normal hunters, however, when they feel threatened, they’re apt to charge directly at anything that’s spooked them.

9 Hippopotamus

A hippopotamus can eat around 150 pounds of grass in a solitary night. These water-lovers spend most hours of their day lowered and they leave the water at dusk to devour grass, as per National Geographic. Their weight can be as much as 8,000 pounds.

8 Gaur

The biggest individual from the bovine family is the gaur. Apparently growing up to weigh about a ton or more, this southern Asian species of cattle is a huge bovine whose populace is allegedly declining and faces extinction.

7 Camel

Camel humps contain fat, not water. In opposition to the prevalent misconception, camels’ humps are used to store fat, not water. As indicated by Live Science, humps can accumulate to 80 pounds of fat as a crisis food emergency on the off chance that the camel can’t find food for a significant stretch of time. At the point when they are completely developed, these animals regularly weigh over 1,300 pounds.

6 Brown Bears

Brown bears are in many cases considered obese fitting the meaning of obese now and again, hibernating brown bears pack on the pounds throughout the summer months so they can remain warm throughout the winter months. According to National Geographic, these animals ordinarily weigh around 800 pounds. Consistently, Alaska’s Katmai National Park holds its fattest bear competition, where fans can vote for which bear gained the most measure of weight that season.

5 Blue Whales

Blue whales can run up to 100 feet in length and weigh more than 200 tons. As indicated by National Geographic, a blue whale’s tongue alone can weigh as much as an elephant and it is just a small part of this 200-ton animal. As per the BBC, the blue whale is the creature with the most elevated level of body fat ashore and ocean.

4 Asian elephants

Asian elephants are more modest and smaller than African elephants, yet they’re still very weighty. Weighing up to a little less than 6 tons, these elephants can live for as long as 60 years in the wild, as indicated by National Geographic. The research center at the Smithsonian National Zoo announced that female elephants will commonly eat as much as 330 pounds of food and 50 gallons of water a day and enormous males will eat almost twice that.

3 African elephant

The African elephant is the biggest animal to walk the earth. More than 11 feet high, these ancient creatures can develop to weigh as much as 6 tons, as per the World Wildlife Fund. They’re herbivores, much the same as the vast majority of the greatest creatures, incompletely in light of the fact that there are a lot of plant resources for them to chow on.

2 Elephant seals

Elephant seals can get as much as 8,800 pounds. With an ideal of 40% body fat, according to Discovery Magazine, the elephant seal is one of the most moderately fat animals on the planet. Southern elephant seals can remain submerged for as long as two hours because of their blubber deposits, as per National Geographic. They can likewise weigh up to 4.5 tons and be up to 20 feet tall.

1 Pig

Pigs can get really heavy. As indicated by National Geographic, pigs can now and again weigh as much as 700 pounds, their weight, for the most part, goes from 300 pounds to 700 pounds. Despite their weighty weight, pigs are normally only 2 feet tall.


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